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Signature Sweets by Jamie




        -Butter Cream
        -Chocolate Butter Cream
        -Whip Cream*
        -Cream Cheese*

           -Chocolate Mousse          -Fudge
           -Raspberry Mousse          -Bavarian
           -Vanilla Mousse                 -Bavarian Mousse
           -Chocolate Chip                 -Lemon 
          -Raspberry                            -Cassata*                              -Strawberry                         -Fresh Fruit*   
                          ….and many more!  

*Decorations, flavors and icings
 may be an additional charge.
*Prices are subject to change.
*Menu pricing as of April 2018.

    *** Other Items Available ***

2 Layers of Cake/1 Layer of Filling
                               Serving Size            Price
6”                             6-8                            $25.95
8”                            14-18                       $42.95
10”                          20-25                      $59.95
12”                          35-40                      $70.00
¼ Sheet                25-30                      $52.95
 ½ Sheet               50-60                      $99.95

Mini Pies-Assorted Flavors-$3.50

Mousse Pies $5.00 (Slice) $40/10” round

Dessert Platters
Hello Dolly                     Tarts
Mini Cupcakes              Chocolate Covered Oreos
Mousse Pies                   Brownies
Cream Puffs                   Éclairs
Cheese Cake Bites
Chocolate Covered Strawberries
….and many more!
-Please call to inquire about pricing.

Torted Cake

                           Serving Size            Price
6”                              N/A                      N/A
8”                             30                        $59.95
10”                          45                        $70.95
12”                          60                        $85.95

*All regular and torted cake prices include smooth rounded edge and decoration on sides of cake.
*Certain designs and decorations are subject to additional cost.


                                 $3.73 each
                             $20.00   ½ dozen
                             $40.00    /dozen
      -includes filling and your choice of icing.   
                       Cake Flavors
                   -White                   -Chocolate
                  -Yellow                   -Marble        
                  -Lemon                   -Raspberry
           -Chocolate Peanut Butter       -Oreo
                 -Red Velvet              -Apple Spice
                 -White Almond          -Carrot
           -Orange Dream          -Boston Cream   
      -Banana Chocolate Chip -Chocolate Chip
                         -Mint Chocolate Chip              
                      …and many more!

Large Sugar Cookies

Price Varies
 *Bagged with ribbon extra
Additional $5.00 to be placed on tray.

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for several more images of cakes we have done